Rae Dunn Halloween “Spooky” Gnome Jack-o’-Lantern Décor

Rae Dunn Halloween “Spooky” Gnome Jack-o’-Lantern Décor

Horror-themed decorations may be found everywhere throughout the Halloween season. This Rae Dunn Halloween “Spooky” gnome adds an eye-catching and whimsical touch to the terrifying decorations for the season.

* The black and orange colors perfectly represent the Halloween season spirit, as well as the Jack-o’-Lantern the gnome is holding. It perfectly goes with pumpkin and Jack-o-Lantern décor.

* Decorative idea 1: Since this gnome’s body is covered with a kind of bright fabric, it is nice to put it around lighting Halloween décor.

* Decorative idea 2: It can be surrounded with Jack-o’-Lanterns, putting the gnome in the center. Its interesting aspect will make it stand out.

6.69″ x 5.12″ x 24.02″


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